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The Height of Roofing



All roofs have a finite life and sooner or later the cost of patching will overtake that of re-roofing. With many older properties having inefficient and inadequate insulation, a new roof allows for the installation of modern, energy efficient insulation materials and roof space ventilation, meeting today's Energy Efficient Roofing Standards.

Tile Matching

When re-roofing or extending an old roof it is important to match “like for like”. This is both from an aesthetic need to match the look and period of the property and a structural need to ensure existing roof support is not over-stressed.


Insulation within the roof covering industry has recently become a major factor when considering any new or refurbishment works. Careful consideration should be given to possible condensation problems when insulation is added to the roof design, as this can become a major and expensive problem if not dealt with correctly prior to installation.

There are basically two types of roof construction: “warm roof”, where the insulation is fitted to the outer surface of the rafters; and “cold roof”, where the insulation is fitted between the rafters or at ceiling level.

Recently the Warm Roof method has been the preferred method of construction as this does not require ventilation above the insulation, the provision of which, in many circumstances, can become very expensive.

Cold roofs must always allow for the free flow of air to pass above the insulation to allow for condensation to be dissipated to the outside of the structure.

Site Safety

During the course of roofing works we understand that most of our customers need to continue living in their homes. We are fully sympathetic to this requirement and ensure the site is kept clean with all current site safety procedures being adhered to, ensuring your safety and keeping mess to a minimum.

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