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What to Expect During Your Roof Project Roof project - Inside and Outside

Any construction project will be inconvenient, but knowing what to expect during the replacement or repair of your roof and what precautions to implement can make the process significantly smoother. Your family, your neighbours, and even your contractor will benefit.

Light fixtures, ceiling fans, and any ceiling mounted items such as hanging plants could be damaged by a roofing project. Ask your contractor about which items should be taken down during the project. In many cases the workers will assist you in removing the items to prevent damage to them during the roofing project.

Fragile items on the walls, such as pictures and mirrors, may move or even fall. Remove these items to ensure their safety during the project.

Traffic will increase outside your home due to supplies being delivered, workers arriving and leaving, and dump trucks removing debris. Warn your neighbours of the additional traffic as a courtesy, and be sure to provide the crew with tips on where to park so they do not block your neighbours or damage your lawn more than absolutely necessary.

Erosion and damage to your yard could occur if there is not a direct access (e.g. a driveway) to your roof. Once again, talk to the contractor about your concerns and what he/she will do to protect your lawn and yard during the project. Despite everyone's best efforts, most likely, some damage will occur, but it can be kept to a minimum.
Protect your sprinkler system by clearly marking the sprinkler heads with red tape or string so that the workers can see them without difficulty.

Expect lots of noise, depending on the type of roof being installed. Talk to your contractor about what you can expect for your particular roofing project. Especially during summer months, workers will start early and stay late (to optimise work during the cool hours of the day). If you are working full time, the noise may not be much of a problem for you, but it is courteous to inform your neighbours of the hours they can expect the noise to continue, especially if the crew will be working on weekends.

Protect special or fragile plants and landscaping ahead of time from old and new roofing materials that will fall around the house and talk with the contractor about your concerns. Ask him/her to sign a document stating that he/she is aware of the plants and items of concern. If you have lawn ornaments near the house, it is recommended that they be stored temporarily in the garage or a shed to prevent damage from occurring.